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The Miami Valley’s #1 All Steel Buildings Builder, Dayton Barns & All Steel Buildings, is Located In Huber Heights & Serves the Midwest.

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Erecting a metal structure is a significant investment, the fact remains that whoever you hire for your steel building can make or break your dream project. At Dayton barns and All-Steel Buildings, we help transform your big ideas on paper into real structures that you will be proud to call yours.

“We build steel buildings with an area from 200 m2 to over 10,000 m2, including office buildings and hangars. The proof of the popularity of Dayton steel buildings is in hundreds of completed projects.

Dayton delivers buildings of different sizes, structures, roof slopes, insulation, cladding, fire resistance, and color combinations. The permanent search for first-rate steel building solutions and the development of production facilities makes us one of the leading companies and designers of steel buildings in Dayton,

Dayton steel building delivers steel structures of buildings with unlimited sizes. Our galvanized cold-bent profiles offer long-lasting quality and low steel consumption.

We Assemble all steel structures with bolts that permits the fast erection of structures and long-lasting protection against steel corrosion. All our steel profiles come with holes pre-punched during the production process. This, along with the labeling of each profile, ensures uniform assembly.

Dayton steel uses steel profiles with thicknesses ranging from (1.5 – 7) mm. High-strength steel is used for all profiles up to a thickness of 7 mm.

We deliver more than just a steel building to our clients.

Why you should choose Dayton All Steel Buildings:
 All projects are based on in-house design, manufacturing, and assembly.  Dayton is one of only a few companies on the market that controls the entire process of supplying steel buildings to clients from the initial sketch of the client’s idea on paper to manufacturing and completing the hall assembly, so it can guarantee quality effectively at each stage of the order.

 A time-tested system designed for the people of midwest. The roots of all Dayton steel building systems are well built and source, the local climate has shaped Dayton ever since the incidence of 2018. Sunshine is strong and frequent here in Huber Heights, but when the weather turns, the change is dramatic. Not only does it rain cats and dogs –there is a likelihood of an F4 tornado, it becomes obvious that the local climate has created a challenge that Dayton just had to face.

 Easy modification of the system if needed the Dayton steel building system allows a steel structure to be dismantled and erected again at another location.

 Environmental friendly and combined requirements for a building
All materials used by us are all according to industry best standard practice, we care deeply about our client safety.


All-Steel Structures

You get an energy efficient structure that requires low maintenance. It can also be customized to basically any ideas or design so that you get the longevity you deserve.

With All-Steel Buildings, Carports, or any All- Steel Structure, the advantages are simple:


  • Energy Efficient
  • Low Maintenance
  • Customizations
  • Longevity

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