About Our Portable Buildings Company

After our hometown of Dayton, Ohio was hit by tornadoes in 2019, we saw a need for something and created this business.

What We Do

Shed Builder

From Sheds and Barns to Garages and Carports, We Have Them.

Portable Buildings

We can supply or manufacture any structure or building. 

All Steel Buildings

Our All Steel carports and buildings are fast & affordable.

About Dayton Barns & All Steel Buildings

Located in Huber Heights, Ohio, Dayton Barns and All Steel Buildings is The Midwest’s Best Shed Builder and Leading Supplier of Portable Buildings suitable for any project or need. 

We cater to the general public for the everyday barn building and shed building needs but have the reputation to handle large, commercial builds, such as big canopies for local high school stadiums.

Dayton barns and All-Steel Buildings started in September 2019 and really was a response to a glaring need in the Dayton and Midwest Region.

In late May 2019, we were stuck by a series of Tornados (17 to be exact) that devastated the area. Not only were barns, sheds, agricultural buildings, truss’s destroyed, many Ohioians/Daytonians homes were completely destroyed.

Only the Best



The structure to our business comes from our hometown of Dayton Ohio, where community spirit and being a good neighbor comes first.


Transparent Sales Process

Dayton Barns and All Steel Buildings is here to walk you through every single penny being spent to get your building up and running.


Highly Trained Sales Team

We know that we are experts on these barns, sheds and all steel buildings but that doesn’t mean that you are.  We want to change that by educating you.

Year Established

Completed Projects

“Our home in Ludlow Falls, was untouched but about 100 trees were unrooted in our very backyard by an F4 Tornado.  As the wreckage was exposed, the area had many years of recovery to take place.”

Eric Olson – Owner / Operator

How We Do Business

We Are Upfront

about the cost and the duration of your barn project so that you are never in limbo about what is happening,

We Care

about you and your family. Business aside, we are people first and a business second. We will treat you like family here.

We Involve You

from beginning to the end of your barn project; this way you are just as proud of your barn as we are at completion.

We Appreciate You

and do everything to ensure we give you the very best services because we value every one of our customers.

That is where Dayton Barns and All-Steel Buildings got its name.

We only offer brands that we trust and personally believe in. We offer metal buildings and wood buildings to cover customers needs.   We handle small sheds all the way up to 16 x 60 Loft Cabins/Garages. Metal buildings are a bit more diverse; we can handle any possible size/shape and pricing range. 

As we formed the business, we noticed three things that were lacking in the accessory structure business. 1) Professionalism and 2) Transparent sales process 3) Customers with a lack of industry knowledge. That is where we come in.

The founder is a masters graduate in education, working on an MBA in leadership.  His main goal in life is to be a positive force in whatever it is he is doing. Each customer gets fair and educational treatment. 

Educating each customer on the companies we do business with, as well as the competition, what to look out for, and extensive knowledge of the zoning process for each local municipal are some of the no-pressure ways to earn the business. 

The last thing we want to do is send someone home not feeling 100% comfortable with their purchase so we offer an incredibly transparent and catered sales process.