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Darn Barns & All-Steel Buildings Based in Dayton, Ohio

Get Your Permit Cost Reimbursed

It was annoying enough to need a permit, so take advantage of this program where you get your permit money back to you.


Ryan Homes HOA Complaint

You heard that right, we are Home Owner Association Complaint.  Get your shed, barn, she-shed, man cave, steel carport, gardening room, etc.

Do You Own a Ryan Home? Great News!

HOA Rule #1

Barn’s max size is 120 square feet

HOA Rule #2

Barn has to come with shingles

HOA Rule #3

Barn color matches house color

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How We Do Business

We Are Upfront

about the cost and the duration of your barn project so that you are never in limbo about what is happening,

We Care

about you and your family. Business aside, we are people first and a business second. We will treat you like family here.

We Involve You

from beginning to the end of your barn project; this way you are just as proud of your barn as we are at completion.

We Appreciate You

and do everything to ensure we give you the very best services because we value every one of our customers.