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Portable Buildings

If it has a roof, we can build or supply it for you.

Shed Builder

Even if it isn’t red, we’ve got the barn to suit your project.

All Steel Buildings

These buildings have their own advantages like be built faster.

Garages & Carports

Protect your auto investments from the Midwest weather!

Barn Builder

Build the perfect barn for your She Shed, Man Cave or Garden Room.

Commercial Projects

From stadium canopies to giant vehicle storage options, we have it.

Only the Best



The structure to our business comes from our hometown of Dayton Ohio, where community spirit and being a good neighbor comes first.


Transparent Sales Process

Dayton Barns and All Steel Buildings is here to walk you through every single penny being spent to get your building up and running.


Highly Trained Sales Team

We know that we are experts on these barns, sheds and all steel buildings but that doesn’t mean that you are.  We want to change that by educating you.


No Project Too Big Or Small

You came to the right place to find out more about how to take your barn, shed, and garage to the next level.

Usually, a traditionally constructed wooden barn would cost approximately $45 / square foot to build, but at Dayton Barns and All-Steel Buildings, you get all you desire without burning a hole in your pocket.

In Ohio, we are the best supplier and manufacturer of high-quality custom outdoor structures.

Dayton Barns and All-Steel Buildings provides the best sheds, barns, all steel buildings, garages, and carports to the entire Midwest!

We give complete factory-built backyard structures delivered to your homes or business.

We also provide a full line of on-site assembled buildings from backyard storage shed to a full garden room or small cottage.

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Prairie Built Barns

Free Delivery Within 50 miles

Prairie Built Barns

Pressure Treated Buildings

Prairie Built Barns

High Quality Metal Buildings

Client Testimonials

Eric was one of the coolest people I have ever met! It was fun.  

The entire process was pretty quick and I actually ended up doing the rent to own after thinking I was just going to rent for a bit.

Highly Recommended!”

Michael Blackwell (Clayton, OH)

“Couldn’t have asked for an easier way to get this done. 

I honestly thought the payment plan was going to be more than it ended up being.”

Danielle Ratliff (Newport, KY)

“I really liked being able to go through the showroom and see exactly what I was buying before buying it.

I guess you could call it a Barn Test Drive.

Eric was amazing, answered all of my questions with ease and was fun to work alongside.”

John Stouff (Huber Heights, OH)

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Shed Builder in Dayton, Ohio

Our products are the highest quality structures. The barns and sheds that we provide will last a very long time. Their versatility in size, options, and shape makes them perfect for storing trucks, toys, lawn, and garden equipment, or anything that could enjoy an extra space outdoor.

We now offer steel-framed and all steel buildings that come in any design you want.

Dayton Barns and All-Steel Buildings offers the best payment options and financing without compromising on the quality of our products or services.

Our business is customer-oriented, we aren’t happy until we have put a smile on your face. 

We provide the best custom outdoor structures for the people of Dayton and the Midwest region.

If you are running out of storage space in your home, but you need a garage to park your truck without all the hassle of building a permanent structure built on your lawn, grab one of our carports.

Then send us a message here to get free quotes right now at affordable prices.

Don’t let your storage problem continue when you have a good-looking backyard, we have a team of professionals that can neatly move your newly designed structure without hurting your lawn.

We will also help you remove your old barn and prepare the ground for a new one, if needed.

Dayton’s Best Portable Building Manufacturer & Supplier

We provide on-site models that you can actually walk through, a transparent sales process, financing, and a Rent-To-Own option.

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