Rent-To-Own or Finance The Building

If you are seeking other options rather than out-of-pocket, we have two options for you to utilize through our partner at RTO National.

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Rent-To-Own (RTO)

  • FlexLease Available
  • No Credit Check Needed
  • Up to $15,000 towards a building.
  • Need to prove land ownership by property tax document
  • First month rent + 10% deposit to get started 


  • Financing Available
  • ZERO DOWN w/ Fixed Payments + APR
  • No Credit Check Needed
  • Up to $15,000 towards a building.

How We Do Business

We Are Upfront

about the cost and the duration of your barn project so that you are never in limbo about what is happening,

We Care

about you and your family. Business aside, we are people first and a business second. We will treat you like family here.

We Involve You

from beginning to the end of your barn project; this way you are just as proud of your barn as we are at completion.

We Appreciate You

and do everything to ensure we give you the very best services because we value every one of our customers.